Lancashire Heeler Speciality and Heeler-camp 2018

Welcome to Finnish Lancashire Heeler Clubs Specialty Show and Heeler-camp!


Show venue will be Nuorisokeskus Anjala, Ankkapurhantie 15, 46910 Anjala /

Laura Nicholas, UK
Tony Powell, UK

Judging will start at 10 am.

Last entry date 1.6.2018 via online entry

or via mail with Finnish Kennel Clubs entry form to address
Piritta Keränen, Hirvimäentie 6 E, 45360 Valkeala.
Payments from abroad:
Finnish Lancashire Heeler Club
bank account: FI18 5080 0620 0758 55
message: Specialty 2018 + Dog´s name.

Entry fees: 
Before on 1.6.2018 1st dog 39 €, same owner´s 2nd etc dog 34 €.
Puppies and veterans 25 €/dog.
Veterans over 10 years for free in veteran class.

Between 2.6.-15.6.2018 all the dogs 44 €.

Inquiries by email:

HEELER-CAMP ON 29.6.-1.7.2018

This year the Finnish Heeler Clubs Heeler-camp is organized at the same time than Heeler Specialty 2018. It means that you could spend the whole weekend with the other heeler-friends.

You don´t need to register to the camp (except dinner on saturday).

Heeler-camp is held also in Nuorisokeskus Anjala, Ankkapurhantie 15, 46910 Anjala.

Heeler-camp program:

-Traditional camp competition

– Finnish Lancashire Clubs Specialty show
– Dinner in the garden. Price 20 €/person, children 10 €/person.
Book the dinner 17.6.2018 at the latest via email

– An extra annual meeting of the Finnish Heeler Club
– Open conversation event about the future of the Heelers.
– Heelerwalk together with others in beautiful nature of Anjala.

There is some accommodation in Nuorisokeskus Anjala. Inquiries via email or p. +35820 611 6201.
Find out other accommodation options in Kouvola and Kotka area. Read more or

Main sponsor is Royal Canin!

See you in Anjala!