Crystal Speciality Show 29 July, 2017 Järvenpää, Finland


The Finnish Lancashire Heeler Club has its 15th anniversary this year and the club organizes their own speciality Show for the first time.

The Show will be held at Vanhankylän Kartano, which is located at a beautiful lake area by Lake Tuusulanjärvi (Stålhanentie 4, Järvenpää).

Catharina Almroth (kennel Mirox), Sweden: puppies, males, BOB-puppy, BOB-breeder, BOB-progeny
Trisha Bellinger (kennel Heelstone), England: bitches, BOB-veteran, BOB
Reserve judge: Päivi Eerola (kennel Doing), Finland

The judge introductions will be published in Club´s newsletter Heeler Harrastajat number 1- 2017.


  1st June the latest 2nd June – 3rd July
First dog 39€ only internet entry 44€
Every additional dog (same owner) 34€ only internet entry 44€
Puppies and veterans 25€ only internet entry 44€
Veterans 10 years and over free of charge only internet entry 44€

The entry fee includes entrance fee, parking, the Show catalogue and Club´s 15th anniversary present.

The official classes and also Baby Puppy class from 5 to less than 7 months, Puppy class from 7 to less than 9 months and the Progeny class will be judged at the Show.

The judging starts at 10:00 a.m. There will be online results, a translation service and the Heelerpuoti shop. We will also have a one hour lunch break during the day enjoying the Kartanos´s buffet (cost 9,70€).

Online entry:

Entries by post:
Entries by post must be made on the Finnish Kennel Club entry form:

The payment to: Suomen Lancashire Heeler -yhdistys, account: FI18 5080 0620 0758 55 BIC/SWIFT / OKOYFIHH (Jokioisten Osuuspankki, Keskuskatu 12, 31600 Jokioinen, Finland), payment reference: Erkkari 2017 & dog´s name. Enclose the copy or receipt of the payment with the entry form and send to address: Lancashire Heeler ER/Showlink, PL 50, 02770 Espoo, Finland.

Vaccination and “tourist dogs”
“Tourist dogs” are welcome to the Show. The Show is subject to the vaccination directions approved by the Finnish Kennel Club.  All dogs participating must have a valid certificate of vaccination against distemper and rabies.


  • A 15th anniversary present for everyone entering a dog to the Show
  • A Crystal dog for BOB and BOS
  • The speciality Show´s challenge cups
  • Spectacular rosettes (also SQ rosettes)
  • Sponsored food and trade awards

There will also be a raffle, where winners are found based on the numbers labelled in the Show catalogues.

You have a possibility to have gene tests PLL and CEA taken from your dog at the Show and also give a blood sample for Hannes Lohi´s research.

You can enrol your dog to the test beforehand by e-mail: Give your dog´s registration information and the owner´s information. You can also get your dog tested without advance registration.

  • The blood sample is free of charge. From PLL and CEA gene tests, the lab will send the invoice to the owner.
  • PLL costs 59,50 €; CEA costs 59,50€. Both will be examined in the LABOKLIN laboratory.

The samples will be taken by the vet clinic Eläinklinikka Paras Kaveri.

The Show culminates in the gala dinner to celebrate the 15th Anniversary and the Crystal Speciality Show at the atmospheric premises of Vanhankylän Kartano. The evening starts by raising a crystal glass at 6:30 p.m. The evening involves among other things the judge´s speeches, remembering the past 15 years and having fun together. The dinner card costs 35 €. The entry, the receipt of the payment and the information of a special diet are to be sent by e-mail by the 15th of July to The payment to: FI18 5080 0620 0758 55 BIC/SWIFT / OKOYFIHH (Jokioisten Osuuspankki, Keskuskatu 12, 31600 Jokioinen, Finland), payment reference: Juhlaillallinen & name of the participant.

At the Vanhankylän Kartano heeler people have a possibility to rent the cabins. There is also a caravan site.

The Cabins:

  • Puolukka (7m2) 50 €
  • Mustikka (9-16m2) 60 €
  • Mansikka (16m2) 70 €

The dog fee 12 € / cabin.
The booking and information at the Vanhankylän Kartano, tel. +358 44 709 0000 or by e-mail

We hope to have lots of greetings and advertisements from the heeler owners and the breeders into our Show catalogue. Now is a good time to start planning the advertisements. The size of the catalogue is A5 and the advertisements will be black and white. The price for the whole page is 20 € and half a page 15 €. You can send the material and a copy of the payment by e-mail by the 3rd of July to The payment to: FI18 5080 0620 0758 55 BIC/SWIFT / OKOYFIHH (Jokioisten Osuuspankki, Keskuskatu 12, 31600 Jokioinen, Finland), payment reference: mainos & name of the kennel/owner of the kennel.

If you have any questions of entering the Show, please contact Showlink Oy mon-fri 11:00-17:00 phone: +358 9 887 30320 or e-mail: Other questions to e-mail: or phone in the evenings: +358 45 885 5585 (Pia).

We wish all the Heeler friends warmly welcome to spend the Show and 15th Anniversary weekend together.

Partners include (among others)
Royal Canin, Murren Murkina, Eläinklinikka Paras Kaveri, Mercedes-Benz, Smart Riders, Showlink, Crystal Dogs and Tyrella Rosettes.

The following day, Sunday 30th July there is also an opportunity to participate in the International Eukanuba Summer Show 2017 in Helsinki, less than 30 kilometres away from the Vanhankylän Kartano. The heelers will be judged by Ann Ingram from Ireland.